Day with Cara and Emily

Well I was GOING to stay at home today to watch Alton but when I turned on FoodNetwork, he wasn’t on :(. Maybe I mixed up the days or maybe I just turned onthe tv at the wrong time.

I decided it was best to see some friends. I’m at Cara and Emily’s pad right now and she’s making a little snack of nachos for us.

We just went to dog park again and I’ve got a bunch of good new dog pictures. Take a gander at Emily.

Emily is a true veggie dog at heart. If you were to place lettuce and meat infront of her, she’d go for the lettuce every time.

The top 5 moments of the day so far are as follows
1) I found 6 Bucks in the parking lot

2) I got a new purse!
3) I’m hanging out with Cara and Emily

4) The Beagle at dog park
5) N-A-C-H-O-S (I’m hungry)

I’ll be back later with some pictures (can’t download here) I think an informational post is needed soon. Anything you’d like to learn about?

7 thoughts on “Day with Cara and Emily

  1. KleoPatra

    Aw, i love Emily! So glad you are hangin’ with Cara as well. Hope you had a lovely day!

    What do i want to know about… hmmmmm… how about the origin(s) of seitan?

    Keep havin’ a fun weekend, Teddy!! i’m still workin’… and NO OT! Boo!

  2. Geraldine

    Very cute Teddy!

    I keep meaning to ask, was it hard to add your own banner to your Blogger blog? It looks great BTW. ARe you a techie person, I certainly am not. One of the reasons my new expanded blog is taking forever to become a reality.
    Getting closer though LOL…..and that’s a good thing.

    BFN, G

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