It is SO hot outside that you could fry an egg on the sidewalk (not that you WOULD).
Since there is no AC here I’m heading out to the pool. I’m slacking on the posting a little but here’s what I have planned: A Banana post!

And I’ll be around tonight for commenting :)

Have a nice saturday (I just got back from working my OT- YUCKIE) and I’ll talk with you tonight!!


10 thoughts on “TOO HOT

  1. KleoPatra

    I cannot believe how hot it has been today, Teddy! My parents, who live inland in San Diego, registered 112 degrees Fahrenheit on their thermometer – in the shade!! I spent the day in their swimming pool. They lost power for four hours as well. This weather’s quite unreal for us here in SoCal, no?

    Glad to know yer stayin’ cool as well! Well, yer already cool, but i meant temperature-wise!

  2. Dori

    Sending cool vibes your way. It’s not to bad here right now (80’ish). The swim sounds like a good thing.

  3. James

    Hiya,sounds like the weather out here, its just a bit too hot! Think its about 30C over here, not sure what that is in F, in the 90s though. No pools to go and lounge by though :(

  4. Tanya Kristine

    it is terribly hot. i’m looking at 106 at 4:00. we’re in a stage 2 alert at our high rise…i wish they’d just close down the city so we could all go home and be with our loved ones (aka doggies)

  5. Ferocious Killer Kat

    Its so freakin hot!! I was out yesterday biking and it was terrible.. and considering how close my apartment is to the beach.. there was no breeze whatsoever.. it was like I was inside an oven :-((

  6. Carrieā„¢

    The weekend wasn’t bad here, but now we’re right back into the thick of it. This goes on all summer in Southern Ontario. And people wonder why I prefer winter over this crap. Can you blame me?

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