Mini bananas

First off let me say that I am NOT a fan of bananas. 😛
Mini bananas, I LOVE!

The size of the bananas

I first had these while in Thailand and been hooked on them ever since. Mini bananas are MUCH sweeter than larger ones (that’s probably why I like them so much). Now I’ve found these mini bananas in my local grocery store but they didn’t taste the same. This weekend I headed over to Little Saigon and BEHOLD delicious mini bananas!

A normal sight in Thailand

I’m munching one of these cuties right now and I decided to share with you :)
If you can find them, try them!

5 thoughts on “Mini bananas

  1. ilovemyweimaraner

    I love mini bananas, but I don’t know where to buy them? If I could find them I would beg my mom for them every week!

  2. Latayy

    really love your blog
    I do not like banana yet I like these “mini bananas”. In the caribbean we call them figs.

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