My Southern California Weekend

What a weekend eh?! Hope yours was a fast-paced and fun as mine.  I went home to Southern California to be in a wedding and visit with friends and family.  It’s been about 6 months since I last flew home.  Three days really isn’t enough time to see everyone and do everything (especially when there’s a wedding involved).  I have things that are “must do’s” every time I fly back. Eating at my favorite thai place is high on that “must do” list.  That was checked off the list within 3 hours of my landing. :) The rest of that night was spent in a food coma.

There’s only a 2 hour time difference between Austin and SoCal but those two hours mean that I woke up at 530AM my first day there.  Being up that early and with nothing else to do  I threw a load of laundry in the wash and watched the free HBO weekend on TV for a while haha. “Must do” number 2: go to H&M. I went a little crazy at H&M b/c they’re having a $15-$20 dress sale. I got FOUR dresses but spent less than $75.

After the early morning shopping, it was wedding time until 10 that night. Somehow I was convinced to go out after the wedding as well- hell, I already knew I’d be tired this week, might as well go big.  Saturday my family came to visit.  We had a feast! Cheeses, fruit, veggie pigs in a blanket, bananas caramelized with sugar and more.  I ate myself silly all day then headed out at night with more friends.  We ended up at a brewery in downtown long beach (HOW did I miss pictures of this??) Needless to say, another late night.

Sunday/Father’s day I suggested we eat breakfast by the beach (seeing the beach is another “must do”) followed by a walk along the water to watch that weekend’s surf competition.  By noon on Sunday  I was getting ready for the airport, sand still on my feet.  I wish I had more time at home but it was a fantastic weekend!


5 thoughts on “My Southern California Weekend

  1. admin Post author

    It’s called Jasmine thai in Westminster. The people that work there know me and they make things special for me. Reminds me so much of thailand!

  2. veggievixen

    i’m going to san francisco! millions of vegan restaurants, here i come!!

    the juicer i have is a cuisinart, i’m sure it’s expensive but it’s worth it if you use it a lot. you might want to try craigslist or ebay…i got a kitchenaid stand mixer for pretty cheap that way.

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