My Southern California Weekend

June 23rd, 2009

What a weekend eh?! Hope yours was a fast-paced and fun as mine.  I went home to Southern California to be in a wedding and visit with friends and family.  It’s been about 6 months since I last flew home.  Three days really isn’t enough time to see everyone and do everything (especially when there’s a wedding involved).  I have things that are “must do’s” every time I fly back. Eating at my favorite thai place is high on that “must do” list.  That was checked off the list within 3 hours of my landing. :) The rest of that night was spent in a food coma.

There’s only a 2 hour time difference between Austin and SoCal but those two hours mean that I woke up at 530AM my first day there.  Being up that early and with nothing else to do  I threw a load of laundry in the wash and watched the free HBO weekend on TV for a while haha. “Must do” number 2: go to H&M. I went a little crazy at H&M b/c they’re having a $15-$20 dress sale. I got FOUR dresses but spent less than $75.

After the early morning shopping, it was wedding time until 10 that night. Somehow I was convinced to go out after the wedding as well- hell, I already knew I’d be tired this week, might as well go big.  Saturday my family came to visit.  We had a feast! Cheeses, fruit, veggie pigs in a blanket, bananas caramelized with sugar and more.  I ate myself silly all day then headed out at night with more friends.  We ended up at a brewery in downtown long beach (HOW did I miss pictures of this??) Needless to say, another late night.

Sunday/Father’s day I suggested we eat breakfast by the beach (seeing the beach is another “must do”) followed by a walk along the water to watch that weekend’s surf competition.  By noon on Sunday  I was getting ready for the airport, sand still on my feet.  I wish I had more time at home but it was a fantastic weekend!


5 Responses to “My Southern California Weekend”

  1. veggievixen says:

    that sounds so amazing. great pictures too! i can’t wait for my cali trip later this summer.

  2. Tierney says:

    I’m in SoCal…what’s the favorite Thai place?

  3. admin says:

    It’s called Jasmine thai in Westminster. The people that work there know me and they make things special for me. Reminds me so much of thailand!

  4. admin says:

    Where in Ca are you heading? Can’t wait to hear about it!!

  5. veggievixen says:

    i’m going to san francisco! millions of vegan restaurants, here i come!!

    the juicer i have is a cuisinart, i’m sure it’s expensive but it’s worth it if you use it a lot. you might want to try craigslist or ebay…i got a kitchenaid stand mixer for pretty cheap that way.

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