Preview: Taipei Vacation

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I’m baaaccckkk!

I tried posting while I was on vacation but for some reason had problems logging in. You’ll be happy to hear my week overseas was FAN-TASIC.  Jet lag has taken over my evenings.   I think I fell asleep at about 430 am last night. 

There are about 300 pics from my trip and I wish I could post all of them!  I will be doing a review of my fav foods from my trip.  For now you can admire my mini gallery of Taipei and Teddy :)

Enjoy the preview post, see you tonight for foodie faves of Taipei!


4 thoughts on “Preview: Taipei Vacation

  1. Laura

    mmmm… looking at your pictures makes me have to remind myself that I have already had dinner and am not hungry!

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