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A lot of people in Austin have been talking this place up (Food is the New Forty has a great post). The idea of kimchi on a taco is/was/will always be enticing to me.  Thus the photographic explanation of my visit begins.

Picture 066

Today’s location, the corner of 2d and Congress.

Picture 059


About 5-10 people were lined up the same time I was. I eavesdropped on conversations while waiting (like I normally do).  It sounded like most people worked in the area and were excited to see a new, brightly colored lunch spot. They were all first-timers like myself.

What I Ordered:

Picture 064

Fresh outta the oil spiced french fries (there was old a creamy/spicy dipping sauce).

Picture 061

2 Tofu tacos with extra extra kimchi.

I was told extra kimchi would only make these tacos better; I went for it.  There are so many flavors going on in these tacos. It’s kind of ridiculous- but in a good way. The sesame seeds taste like they were very recently roasted, very nutty and fresh. Cheese is the only thing I might cut out of this Korean Mexican creation, though it did help reduce the spicy factor of those french fries.  I’d say at 2 bucks for one taco this is a steal.  (shush don’t tell them that)

Only one warning:

Cilantro or kimchi haters beware- this place aint for you! I happen to love both so I’m good.

Chi’lantro BBQ (veg friendly yay)


PS- I’m hoping this is place is open during sxsw!

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  1. Kirill

    New korean bbq taco trucks are sprouting up all over Austin (TaKorea, Calbi), but Chi’lnatro still takes the cake. And the owner is as nice as can be.

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