Vegan Trailer Counter Culture

I’ve been meaning to try this trailer for months. An all vegan trailer? How could I NOT try it?


What I sampled:




The BBQ Jackfruit





The Philly Seitan with Cashew Cheese



1st- I love that this place is very reasonably priced. The sandwiches are 6 bucks a pop and you definitely get your moneys worth.


Out of the two, I preferred the BBQ. The sauce was spicy and I enjoyed the lightly grilled onion and pickle on top. Be warned though, if you are adverse to spicy at all, this is not for you. The Philly seitan was well seasoned though the cashew topping would have been better replaced w vegan cheese. When I eat a Philly I’m not looking for healthy; I want greasy cheezy goodness. That being said, I still liked it.


I’m looking forward to going back and trying other, new menu items.



Counter Culture:

One thought on “Vegan Trailer Counter Culture

  1. Natalie S.

    Hi! I just found your blog on Dining In Austin and I love it! I’ve been meaning to try Counter Culture too but haven’t gotten around to it! I’ve been to Conscious Cravings near campus a few times and it’s pretty delicious and inexpensive as well. Plus, they have really good blueberry lemonade.

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