Miracle Frooties: Pairing Suggestions

Ever heard of miracle berries/fruit?



I’ve been wanting to try them for a LONG time now and luckily WorldsBestFruit asked if I’d like a sample.



photo (1)



This little package contains tablets with 3 berries worth of freeze dried pulp. I have yet to try them but apparently you dissolve a half (or whole) Frootie on your tongue and everything you eat will be sweet. It look’s like the effect lasts from 15 minutes to 2 hours, depending mostly on what you eat.



I just wanted to hear MUST try tasting suggestions… Do y’all some? Ever tried them?
Any out of the norm ideas? (the only ones I’ve got are lemon, apple cider vinegar and Guinness)


Love to hear your thoughts and hope to try these with friends asap!


Teddy B

2 thoughts on “Miracle Frooties: Pairing Suggestions

  1. jkru

    You should try limes. It’s close to lemon, but it’s soo much better. You should also try balsamic vinegar. I’d stay away from grapefruit because the acidity is what balances out the bitterness, not the sweetness… so they just end up tasting awful.

  2. Jodi

    There is an entire list of things you can try with it but I would stick to just lemons and limes and maybe a little vinegar (I had a sip of plain). However, my best advice to you is DON’T OVERDO IT! I ate too much acidic foods when I took the miracle berry and ended up with terrible stomach pain and discomfort the following day.

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