Rio Star Grapefruit Dinner- another reason to love Texas


Anyone remember this SUPER old post from *GASP* 2006?!
I’ve been enjoying grapefruit related dishes for a LONG time. I was invited to FINO to taste how they prepared grapefruit and I would have been crazy to turn them down. Funny enough, most of the people who attended all commented that they already had grapefruits at home.


A 5 course menu was set before us and I was surprised to find quite a few items were vegetarian friendly.




1st a Tomato-grapefruit gazpacho. Mine felt a little salty for my taste BUT this is something I’d love to recreate in the summer months. It gets so hot here in TX that I have to find motivation to do ANYTHING, including eat.




A salad of beets, grapefruit, burrata (Burrata is a fresh soft mozzarella), arugula, basil and drizzled with olive oil. WOW, right? Hands down the best part of the meal. I’m not the only one who thinks so. Apron Adventures has already recreated this salad at home.


The next few dishes involved meat and if you want to learn about them you can see them here. However, I’m skipping straight to desert and drinks.


Each dish was paired with a cocktail that utilized grapefruit in some way and there was even one wine served.


This was great wine. It was my favorite drink of the evening. * Note, FINO makes great cocktails and perhaps that’s why the wine stood out. I expected a great cocktail or two, not the wine.




rio star grapefruit & campari sorbet with honey and sea salt. I know it was just to cleanse my palate and it was SUPPOSED to be only a bite but I WANTED MORE.




Last course: vanilla panna cotta topped with a Rio Star grapefruit bitters gelee. I had the opposite problem with this dish, I couldn’t eat all of it. I WANTED to finish it, it was impossible. Not because it wasn’t delicious but because it was super filling and heavy. I’m not sure anyone finished it but most loved it.


Thanks FINO and Rio Star Grapefruit for starting me on a new grapefruit obsession!



2 thoughts on “Rio Star Grapefruit Dinner- another reason to love Texas

  1. Laura

    As someone who is not allowed to have more than one or two citrus fruits a week, this event sounds disastrous. I can feel an allergic reaction building just reading this post.

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