Snow Monster comes to Austin, TX

First off, because we live in sweltering heat a large part of the year, Austin loves snow cones or anything icy. Now in comes a great new sweet and cold treat for those terribly hot days.

The snow monster!

Mango is the most popular flavor

Mango is the most popular flavor

The snow monster’s mystic origins call from Taiwan. What is it? Basically you take regular ice OR ice cream and shave it into incredibly thin ribbons. These will melt like snowflakes on your parched tongue. Then drizzle it with some fruit sauce and select the toppings of your choice.¬† Toppings range from fruit, to fruit jelly, to boba. Mango seems to be the house favorite but my favorite is the taro flavor with taro¬† jelly and some mango on the side. Tip: go with a friend because the serving size could be considered too large for one person to devour. (or be like me and eat it all and ask your friend to share too)

Taro snow monster with taro jelly and mango

Taro snow monster with taro jelly and mango

This place is NO WHERE near me but I’ll go for a drive when I crave it.

You can check our their site here: Snow Monster Austin

They have seasonal flavors and regular ones. They also have a “rewards” program; a buy x number and get 1 free type program. Can’t recommend trying it at LEAST once enough.

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