Trader Joes Comes To Austin

One if the things I missed most about Southern California while I’ve been in Austin is Trader Joes. There just are certain, well-priced, items that are only available there.  Ask my friends. I would go home to visit and I would leave with a bag of Trader Joes non-perishable items.

I need fret no more- Austin has Trader Joes!  My top 3 favorite perishable items, that I can now get on a weekly basis are as follows:

Trader joes 2

4.99 fresh flowers. They’re reasonably priced, seasonal decor that I like to buy almost every week.

Trader Joes 3

Frozen Croissants- Simply put them out over night to rise and pop them in the oven in the morning for one of the best breakfasts you’ll ever have. They have Chocolate filled, almond and, in fall, pumpkin. I call this my “treat yo-self” breakfast. (a term coined by show Parks and Recreations)

Trader joes

Technically this is two items. 1) Trader joes cheeses. They have a fantastic selection that I could just get lost in and yet still not lose my wallet. 2) Seasonal produce specials. In this case FIGS. These two pounds of figs were only about 5 bucks. That is a great deal. There are seasonal items like this on sale all the time. Some of their standard produce isn’t for me but these deals are not to be missed.

Can you tell how happy I am that a piece of home has opened in Austin?? :)

One thought on “Trader Joes Comes To Austin

  1. Claire Miller

    I absolutely fell in love with Trader Joe’s when I visited California! Now that they are here in town I can splurge on all their best stuff!

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