My 2015 Super Bowl Snacks

I call the Super Bowl my Thanksgiving #2. For the past 4 years I’ve gathered with the same group of people and we have feasted while yelling at the tv.  To me, this is perfect. It’s a potluck but we have a generous host that always goes over the top with providing everything for a good party. The amount of food could be considered ridiculous.

Here are my contributions to this year’s party:

Super Bowl Snacks

Homemade herbed goat cheese, Homemade avocado cucumber salsa, Toasted baguettes brushed with truffle oil, Napa valley wine and Heller Bock (very drinkable cheap trader joes beer)

Homemade herbed goat cheese- This is unbelievably easy to make and sounds impressive. It was a big hit at the party. Costco has the cheapest goat cheese I’ve ever seen. I get some every time I go. Let the cheese sit on the counter and come to room temperature, then stir in either fresh herbs or pesto. I have pesto in my freezer from my garden this summer. I just melted that and mixed it in.

Homemade avocado cucumber salsa- Most people don’t know that there are cucumbers in this salsa but they add a nice cooling effect to the serrano I like to add in. Roughly chop avocado (2), cucumber (1), garlic, serrano pepper (1-2), cilantro and place in a food processor with lime juice (1 lime), salt and pepper.  Blend until smooth.

Toasted baguettes brushed with truffle oil- the biggest take away from this dish is that Trader Joes sells bottles of truffle oil for about 5 bucks. And that is ridiculous. You can’t afford NOT to get it at that price 😉

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