888 Pan Asian Restaurant

888 Pan Asian is one of my “go-to” places for a good meal. I love cooking but man, some nights, I get so busy that it’s nice to not have to worry about dinner. I order different items based on if I’m getting to-go or eating at the restaurant.  Here is what I love that you can’t get to-go (or isn’t the same if it’s to-go)

Tom Kha

Tom Kha Soup- all soups are just different when they are ordered to-go so they’re something I only eat if I’ll be dining in.  This is a ginger based soup similar to Tom Yum with some coconut milk added. It’s warming and I LOVE the mushrooms and basil in it.


Clay hot pot

Chicken or Vegetable Clay Pot- Any of the “clay pot” dishes are great.  They come in a warm pot with a ginger garlic sauce. Because these come in a warm clay pot, they can’t be taken to-go. On a chilly, rainy day, this is one of my comfort foods (and it’s not too unhealthy so bonus points!). After having the chicken this time, I have to say I prefer the vegetarian options (either with tofu or without).

Everyone else seems to really like the Pho there but I’ve yet to try it. It’s a HUGE portion, which is nice, but I can’t attest to the quality. Pho is another thing that needs to be eaten in-restaurant and I haven’t gotten around to ordering it because I like the clay pots :)


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