Trader Joe’s Macarons

I love grocery shopping an embarrassing amount.  I go to more than one store a week and I like it that way. One of the places I like to go is trader joe’s. I like them for their ready-made, easy, cheap, no-fuss items. Each time I go I try and pick something out for fun.

Trader Joe’s Macaron’s (spring edition)

Trader Joe's Macarons

They are in the frozen section and price at about 4 bucks for 12.  Before eating, you simply let them sit out on the counter for about 30 minutes (depending on how warm your  house is).  My first impression is from the ingredients list- each macaron has what is “flavored” in it. The lemon is made with lemon, the pistachio uses pistachio (instead of almond extract which is common for “pistachio” flavored items), etc. They are a little smaller than I expected but that’s necessarily bad.

Trader Joe's maracons

The filling to cookie ratio is good (I would like more filling but that’s probably because I love the filling). The cookie itself is also acceptably chewy with a crisp exterior. All of this being said- I obviously liked the cookies and would get them again. Are they THE BEST macarons I’ve ever had? Nope. Are they complete worth getting? Yes. They make me want to invite someone to my house for tea and cookies. Maybe that’s odd but the thought crosses my mind each time I take a few out. “Hmm. I definitely need to have the ladies over for tea” and then I take another bite with my pinky high in the air.

NOTE: I was talking with the cashier and apparently they change the flavors with the seasons. In winter they are pumpkin or eggnog flavors and so forth.


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